Process film, animation en photography

The Movie Process: Whether it’s the promotion of a product or the explanation of a business, each company has its own unique story, and you know your company’s story better than anyone else. So that we can make the best production of your company movie, we want to be able to “feel” your business, product or message. And what better way to immerse ourselves into the “feel” of your business than with a face-to-face meeting with you at your business headquarters?

The following elements ensure that we effectively and creatively express your message into your company’s unique film:
1. Our initial meeting, face-to-face meeting.
During this meeting, we will discuss the purpose of production, including your needs and desired message. Based on budgeting, we will determine what media forms (film, 2D or 3D animation, etc.) are available to use in your production, and answer any questions as you decide on your preferred technique.
2. Then together, we go over who best fits your production needs from our team of creatives.
3. Script preparation.
4. We arrange for a follow-up appointment (this can be done via Skype, if so desired), during which we discuss your script.
5. On approval of the script, we proceed to develop the production manual.
6. After your confirmation that everything is to your liking, we schedule a film date, and shoot your production.
7. Editing and post-production (editing film, recording and editing sound and music, voiceovers, color correction, visual effects, etc.)
8. The first draft of your film is completed and delivered to you for feedback.
9. Completion of your movie

The Animation Process:

Photography Process: Need new product photos for your website? Or maybe you’ve just opened a new restaurant or catering facility and want your opening-day to be frozen in time, so you and your clients can look back on the joyful memories forever. Perhaps your changing your restaurant’s menu, and want delectable new photos that leave your guests absolutely salivating for that new dish! Or maybe it’s time for you and your staff to take have new portraits taken for the company website.

Fantastic photos are your business card, and whatever your scenario is, we have a trusted team of photographers happy to create the best portrait of your business and its needs.

Besides photography, we also provide:

  • Visual rhetoric
  • Image styling
  • Photo editing

Our photographers specialize in the following types of photography:

  • Corporate
  • Real estate and interior
  • Food and catering
  • Products
  • Creative (other)

After an introduction, by phone, Skype or face-to-face, we are happy to work with you to find the best photographer that best fits your needs. We will also assess and discuss whether it may be desirable for you project to be directed by Arjan Boot.