About Lieverd Concepts

Lieverd Concepts brings together the creative world of Arjan boot and the corporate world of Prema Van Wersch, providing your industry with creative and effective online media solutions in the areas of film, animation photography. We work closely with a select group of impassioned creatives; and for some of them we also act as their agent of record.

“60 seconds of film material is equivalent to 1.8 million words written.” Source: The Cause, 2015

Whether your business entails making gourmet chocolate bars, produced from rare, high-quality cocoa beans, teaching special-needs children, or offer financial services to foreign entrepreneurs- your company’s unique story is one worth sharing.

Your story deserves to be told, perhaps because it so beautifully reflects the very essence of your business, or to clarify your business in a simple and effective way to help customers learn more about your product or service. Film and/or animation can be used to display your production, or just to clarify your business.

Lieverd Concepts is your partner in the process of converting your business’ message into a moving image.

Lieverd Concepts also owns 020MC, a modeling and casting agency. We work closely with (votes desk?) of Kruijssen Casting. Enabling us to best help you cast any desired model, extra or voice-over actor, in your desired language, for your movie or animation.

Lieverd Concepts is where corporate meets creativity.

Arjan Boot “Film has always been my passion. From the very first day I tasted the atmosphere on set, I was sold. I have accumulated over 25 years of experience in the television and film industry, and owned several leading casting agencies. My experience includes directing and producing films, judging (pageants??), as well as acting. I also act as a casting director, using my experience to best match the actor/model to the part. Between 1988 and 2011, my agency offices handled the majority of casting for Dutch feature films, TV series, commercials and commercial photgraphy, along with the casting of extras, (noble extras?), specials and models. In many of these productions, I acted as the second assistant director. I was able to participate in numerous Oscar and Golden Calf winning productions. My experience also includes having worked for a wide-range of notable brands and companies such as: Heineken, H&M, Beehive, Ernst & Young, Van Lanschot Bankiers, ABN Amro, Rabobank, Aegon, and KLM.

The film industry is vibrant, creative and always in motion. In recent years, trends toward online and digital media has become greatly noticeable. (No one can go there?) These trends show the immense impact that animations and other changing techniques are playing in the film world. Now, animation does not immediately mean Pixar, or the likes; having beautiful moving digital animations is obtainable by even local-business owners. Technology continues to evolve, and as it does, it has been my pleasure to work closely with this new generation of film makers and digital artists who have not existed long in my time. Though I may have many great years of experience working in this industry, I find the changes and developments are always challenging, and you never stop learning.